A few months back I was talking with another Karate school owner and the subject of Kumite came up. This is always a heated debate because everyone has their own idea of how Kumite should be taught, the importance of it in their dojo and the issue in regards to the level of contact allowed […]


Participation trophy…really…NOT!

There has been a trend in the public education system about awarding everyone just for participating versus actually awarding people who excel. They refer to these as participation awards and this trend has been creeping into the martial arts now for a few years. I have had many discussions about tournaments, circuits, events and even […]

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Train “AS IF”…

Tonight, while teaching Kata at the dojo, I watched my students working on their newest ones and I noticed that they were just going through the motions. It was clear that they were training but I knew, from experience, that they would not remember the lessons of the day because they were not trying. Of […]

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Honor the rules…RESPECT

Recently there was a post in a forum about spectators hoovering around a ring at sport martial arts event with questions about such things. Most events I have been to in my 30+ years of competing do not permit spectators on the competition floor at any time, but it does happen regardless. It happens because […]

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