History, traditions, etc…

Last year was a very special year for me because I had three of my students accompany me to Okinawa for training. Since my flight for Okinawa is coming up quickly for this year I began to look through last year’s photos and this image (used in the post) caught my eye. In this photo […]

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Why do you need Karate?

Everywhere I go I am always asked the same question once people find out that I teach Karate. In one manner or another it always comes in the form of “Why should I take Karate” to summarize the myriad of ways that this question gets asked. It is very hard to explain all the great […]

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What’s in a belt?

Kind of a confusing title isn’t it? We all know that a Karate belt (Obi) is made of cotton, has several layers with an outside layer that has been dyed a certain rank color and includes stitching. So you may wonder why I would pick such an obvious title for this blog post. Let me […]

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