About Shorin Ryu ShorinKan

Dojo System, History and Information


Shorin Ryu ShorinKan is one of the oldest and most authentic forms of Karate out of Okinawa. Its roots date back into the 6th Century AD and it has enjoyed a long streak of unbroken, quality heritage in keeping “Dento” Karate alive.

Dento Karate is a system of Okinawan Karate that has retained its root heritage, developed for combat as well as for building a better person. The training is rich in culture, tradition and effective self defense methods. Our Karate is a “life protection” system.

Franz Sensei trains under Eddie Bethea Kyoshi, an 8th degree black belt who has learned directly from Shugoro Nakazato Hanshi. Bethea Kyoshi is a 1st Generation student of Nakazato Hanshi, who was a direct student of Chosen Chibana who founded the Shorin Ryu system of Karate based on teachings from Anko Itosu who is considered the father of all modern Karate world wide.

ShorinKan is compromised of three parts of Karate training. The first part being Kihon Waza, or technical training. Kata is the most in depth and second part of the training. Kumite / Self Defense training is the third part. Each stage of the training is developed at your own progress. Basically the harder you train the more you learn and improve.

Our students are also given the chance to train in an authentic Okinawan system of weapons. We are members of the Kokusai Rengokai Kobudo method of training. Weapons training teaches Nunchaku, Eku, Sai, Tonfa, Bo and Kama. Each of these weapons are directly from Okinawa and taught properly in our dojo. Students must train through our basic Karate program in order to qualify for Kobudo classes. Only Franz Renshi can approve students to attend Advanced Karate and Kobudo classes at the dojo.

Our dojo is not a competitive environment nor ego driven. We all work hard together to improve out Karate and each student / instructor is there to help one another. It is this family training environment that makes our dojo just like the ones in Okinawa.

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Franz Sensei is pictured above training at the ShorinKan world headquarters in Naha, Okinawa with his Sensei and wonderful ShorinKan people. Seated in the center of the photo is Minoru Nakazato Hanshi Judan.

Pictured are (left to right) Eddie Bethea Kyoshi (Franz’s teacher), Sensei Franz, Randy Culpepper Sensei and Donnie Michael Renshi during one of the training trips to Okinawa that Franz Sensei takes.

“The brotherhood and sharing of Karate makes these people very special in my life, not just a mentors and people I train with, but as ones I call my Karate Family’ – Steven Franz Renshi