Was it raining at the tournament?

This past weekend I attended the Summer Smash tournament held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a well attended event, fair rules and great judges as well as some very good competition. The divisions offered were Forms, Weapons and Sparring…all traditional events at every open tournament but there seemed to have been a SNAFU in […]

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The greatest gift…

It was a typical day in the life of Seth. He was a rambunctious, tough willed young kid who enjoyed playing his video games and wasting his summers away just enjoying life. He got up, had his cereal and sat down to watch some TV before heading out to ride his bike to his buddies […]

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I can’t believe it…

Last week while I was doing a little pre-class workout in my dojo a visitor stopped in. They were interested in Karate and started asking questions right away. I was excited, as most of us are, at the prospect of adding a new student to our Karate family but this one turned out much different […]

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