So you hate tournaments huh…

For many years I have ran into people that do martial arts who absolutely hate tournaments. They speak ill about them and proclaim them to be “destroying” the martial arts. I have always held my tongue and just smile but after reading many blog posts and other things over the past 10 years it is […]

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Century Martial Arts, the world’s largest martial arts equipment supplier, has come up with a new, traditional cut Karate gi that will not break your, or your students┬ábank! I have had the fortune of helping test, develop and work on this project with them over the last year and was very honored to do so. […]

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The Airport…

Looking around seeing the people…the journeys that have began here and ended here… All around me people of all types sit and wait for the large tin can to arrive… Sipping their coffee, chomping on their bagel or sleeping in the chairs….we all wait Imagine where they are all heading…what destination they are going to… […]

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