DEAL with it!

Am I just blind or are we seeing a complete disruption in teaching our youngster about reality these days? Recently, after a tough and long Presidential campaign, I read that there are some colleges setting aside grieving stations as well as cancelling classes for those who are “traumatized” by Trump winning the election. Seriously? Really? Are you kidding me? OMG is an understatement along with a long, sullen SMH situation going here in my office as I read this type of thing…and it isn’t just this issue that has me worried about what is happening to our youth today!

For the last 25 years I have been teaching people from the ages of 3 all the way into their late 80’s the martial arts. To date I can guess that around 2,800 people have come through my dojo door at one point or another to train in that time. The last 8 or so years I have seen a huge downtrend in what I would call parenting in society. I have also seen a huge uptrend in building a bunch of crybabies out of our children.

This really upsets me because I only want the absolute best for these children that train in my dojo but the parents are the ones that should be on the floor, with their kids, learning right alongside of them. Why? Because they need to remember the values that made them strong and how to be a successful person with integrity, honor and understanding the value of HARD work. I partly blame the Obama administration for this because they created a society in our country that is dependent on handouts. That being said they aren’t entirely to blame because our society has grown SOFT. Yes, that’s right we are a society of babies today.

I grew up working from a young age. If I got a twisted ankle, a bump, a bruise I had to deal with it and move forward. A cut? Rub some dirt on it and get back to work. When we were sick we didn’t run to the doctor to get put on drugs unless it was serious. Teachers at school made us learn. They didn’t baby us, they didn’t worry about being politically correct and they issued discipline top notch. It wasn’t their job to raise us it was their job to teach us. Parents raised us. My brothers and I had the utmost respect for our parents, not because we feared them, but because they laid it out what was expected of us. If we didn’t fall into line we got punished and deservedly so. Bullying? It was around back then just as much as it is now but we dealt with it. Someone calling you a name? Deal with it. Someone pushing you? Push back. Someone trying to pick a fight with you? Win or lose fight back.

Today our society has all these things in place to make us wimps! There are policies that teach it is wrong to fight back against a bully. This leads us to grow up being weak in the face of adversity. There are methods where every child gets labeled to describe their emotional / physical limitations. That breeds a society that, instead of helping the child, uses it as an excuse to accept their subpar behavior and results. Basically our society has created an entire generation of people that have no clue how to live STRONG and be STRONG. It needs to change.

I heard from parents all the time about how they don’t want to “discipline” their children but would rather “educate” them. Hate to tell you this but that just doesn’t work. You can’t be your child’s friend…you are their parent…ACT like it. Better yet be the parent. When your child is being disruptive punish them. When they are failing at school take away their TV, video games and punish them. Make your child do CHORES around the house so they understand how to be strong, independent and what to do when they head off to college. They want something? Give them a job and pay them for it so they know what it means to EARN what they desire versus spoiling them. It is not a parent’s job to spoil their kids…that is for the grandparents to do!

Life will be tough on your children when they grow up. You know this, you’ve been through it. Be tough on them so they will grow successful and THANK YOU instead of always crawling back to you when they are facing tough situations. I know of a guy who is in his late 30’s. He has never really been able to hold a job. His parents gave him everything he wanted and always had an excuse for when he failed at anything. Today he is living in their house, eating their food and not paying rent. The car he drives belongs to his parents. He hasn’t held a job for longer than a few months at a time. This guy is what good people see as a MOOCH! He is a failure. Is that what you want for your children? If so, then keep being their best friend. Keep letting them act like big ass babies. Keep giving them things and then you, too, can be a parent of a 30 year old child! If not then step up.

Society needs to stop being so soft, so labeling and so full of excuses. If someone slaps you in the face, slap them back and stand your ground. Be strong, be tough, stop being a target of a failed social experiment! If you are traumatized because the person you didn’t want to be President won then DEAL WITH IT. I just can’t wrap my head around all this coddling that is going on out there. People need less counseling and more tough love. Wake up America and realize what kind of crap is going on out there. Parent your kids so they will grow up to be successful members of society instead of zombies waiting on their next EBT handout. If this doesn’t get changed then you are to blame…not society.

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