Bullies and Karate…

Many people find it impossible to believe that I was once the target of bullies. From my freshman year through my sophomore year I dealt with being harassed, picked on, shoved, hit, spit on and more by some school bullies. The summer before my junior year I earned my brown belt in Karate and my confidence soared. The first week of my junior year I stood strong and let the bullies know I was no longer a target. Without going into too much detail we will just say they learned a valuable lesson about how great martial arts are at instilling the tools needed to deal with bullies.

Over the years through my adult life I have also dealt successfully with bullies in the workplace, in life and in general because of the great traits and skills I learned in the dojo. Today I teach these skills to my students, pushing them to excel in life but also to be confident and secure in who they are as a person. Karate builds so many valuable character traits that strengthen the student’s lives in ways that success if inevitable due to the training.

I have been a proactive supporter of combating bullying in my community as well as across the USA. I have taught countless seminars on the subject matter, helped thousands of people learn how to become strong and not a target as well as active promote how to deal with it in my school every single day. My message is not one of political correctness but rather reality. The public education system’s idea of punishing both the victim and the bully equally is only there to protect their legal stand. A few years ago someone came up with the bright idea that creating a non-profit to fight bullying is a money maker. They sold t-shirts, ribbon magnets and more to raise money to fight bullying but through my research I have found that most non-profit organizations spend the majority of the funds paying extravagant salaries to their employees and CEO’s.

As parents of a child who needs confidence, focus and willpower it is time you stopped complaining about bullying and invest in your child. NOTHING and I do mean nothing out there will give your child the tools to succeed in this fight except Karate training. They will learn how to use verbal skills as well as physical skills to never be a victim of the low life bully again. Not only that they will learn when it is right and wrong to deal with a bully in a physical manner. Karate training will also be an investment in their future. Through the training your child will grow confident, focused and understand how to succeed in the face of adversity. I have watched hundreds of shy, withdrawn kids become confident, outgoing and successful from training in my dojo and others like mine.

Karate training is an investment in your child’s future. Give your child the chance to build strength of mind, body and spirit so they can excel in life instead of just wondering around lost in a world of chaos. It is time to take a stand and put your kid in Karate to truly help them. In the 25 years I have been teaching many of my students have become the top athletes in the schools in my area. Other students have become top artists, band members, academic performers and so much more. Most of them were that shy, withdrawn and confused kid that came into my dojo but through the training they learned who they were and how to be confident and love themselves. These are but a few of the secrets of Karate training. Get up, get off the couch, turn off the video games and put your kid in Karate today. Not only does their future depend on it so does our society’s. Karate is the best investment you can ever give your child.

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