Bullies and Karate…

Many people find it impossible to believe that I was once the target of bullies. From my freshman year through my sophomore year I dealt with being harassed, picked on, shoved, hit, spit on and more by some school bullies. The summer before my junior year I earned my brown belt in Karate and my […]

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Switching dojos…

It seems like many people today jump from school to school. Some do it because they moved away from their old dojo. Some do it because they weren’t learning, others because they found out they weren’t learning a real martial art system. Some do it because they learned their teacher was not a legitimate instructor […]

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So Glad I Am Not A Ninja!

Like many others I was excited and set in awe during the 1980’s with Ninja craze that was going on. From movies to TV shows like “The Master” I began looking into the training. I bought books and even began going to seminars to discover this entire Ninja thing…but my excitement waned out very quickly […]

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The problem with Christian Karate

Discussing anything that has religion attached to it today is considered politically incorrect or taboo. This article will raise some eyebrows and probably some body temperatures because it deals directly with people who attach Karate to Christ or the Christian religion. First off it is important to know that I am a Christian and I […]

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Soji – Cleaning the Dojo

From the very beginning of my training all the way to the current days I can remember sweeping, dusting, mopping and cleaning the dojo. It was ingrained into Karate as much as any punch, kick or Kata are. The tradition of Soji, cleaning the dojo, is very important in terms of proper character development in […]

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