Old Karate Kumite is boring?

Recently, while I was talking about the aspect of karate competitions, I had a person say “In the old days they always ran or backed off when someone attacked. Had it been me I would have just charged in and plowed them over”. This person has never competed without sparring gear nor in the older […]

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A Black Belt Extravaganza

Yesterday I traveled to Indianapolis to attend Herb Johnson Karate’s black belt promotions. This was a bit somber of a trip for me because Herb Johnson Hanshi passed away recently but I promised I would attend this event the last time we spoke a week before his untimely passing. I wasn’t really sure what to […]

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Kihon is in everything…

Many people have these awesome ideas about what martial arts training will be like. Hitting a straw padded board with loud kiyas until your knuckles bleed, hours of fighting to hone one’s skills and more. Many of those ideas are found in Karate training but Kihon is the fundamental base that most people miss out […]

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