Do I do it right…

Recently I posted asking how many people in certain group on Facebook that talk about Okinawan Karate have actually been to Okinawa, trained there and how often. The primary reason I asked is because it seems that forum is full of a lot of experts who like to talk about Okinawan and the Karate that […]

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Self Defense? Really?

Anyone who studies any form of martial arts is definitely a member of at least one, or many, group pages on Facebook. In one of the group pages I am a member of there was a post by an instructor that was a video of one of his students involved in an altercation at a […]

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The Karate Phases…

For the last 26 years I have been teaching Karate to people from the ages of 5 all the way into their 80’s. In that time I have watched as society rapidly changed, and not for the better in my personal opinion. Karate at one time was sought out for the discipline it instilled and […]

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That Bloody Karate…

All through the martial arts world we always keep hearing about how training has “changed” or has become “watered down” by the older generation. Having trained across 4 decades (1978-2017) myself I can say the way I teach today is much different than the way I was taught BUT I will also say we are […]

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