A True Warrior…

When people hear the term Warrior images of armor clad, bulging muscle, tough guys fighting battles often come into their mind. Other times it might be glove wearing people smashing each other in the cage in the UFC or even boxers duking it out in the ring. Sometimes it is members of the Armed Forces […]

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A few months back I was talking with another Karate school owner and the subject of Kumite came up. This is always a heated debate because everyone has their own idea of how Kumite should be taught, the importance of it in their dojo and the issue in regards to the level of contact allowed […]


Participation trophy…really…NOT!

There has been a trend in the public education system about awarding everyone just for participating versus actually awarding people who excel. They refer to these as participation awards and this trend has been creeping into the martial arts now for a few years. I have had many discussions about tournaments, circuits, events and even […]

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